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Our no-nonsense approach will make accessibility for your website, application, document, or product user-friendly and digitally compliant.

Focused on Accessibility

A knowledgeable sales team & certified accessibility experts are at your fingertips. After all, digital accessibility is all that we do.

Unique Approach

The legal landscape proves one-size-fits-all remedies are unsuccessful. We tailor custom solutions to work within your unique environment.

Genuine Solutions

Accessibility overlays, badges, automated-only scans, and most “accessible off-the-shelf” templates are not viable long-term solutions. Genuine site accessibility requires you to go to the source: your code. Our expert services render reliable solutions by focusing on usability as well as compliance.

Driven to build a more inclusive web

Digital accessibility changes lives, helps businesses attract new customers, and provides equal access to the technology we interact with on a daily basis. The impact is enlightening and simply the right thing to do.

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1 in 4 U.S. Adults are Living with a Disability
Top 1 Million Home Pages with Errors (February 2021)
Fastest Growing Age Group on the Web
WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria to Improve Accessibility
Web Accessibility Lawsuits Filed in 2020
Disabilities Acknowledged by the ADA & WCAG

The ilumino Advantage

We dedicate time to understanding your business and internal workflows in order to create a custom solution for your digital assets. Our educational approach enlightens and empowers you to take ownership of your compliance goals, now and in the future.


We begin by evaluating the level of accessibility of your digital assets through a series of automated and manual tests and advise you to either modify your existing code or engage in a redesign. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and shed light on all things ADA.


The most effective method for achieving compliant products and truly meeting the needs of all users equally (including those using assistive technology) is code remediation. Our hands-on approach guides you from day one to final conformance, includes helpful documentation, and creates minimal disturbance to your day-to-day operations.


Maintaining digital compliance mitigates legal risks, provides all users with a better experience, and supports mission-critical goals such as effective SEO, a higher conversion rate, and eager brand adoption. Regularly scheduled cycles of ‘partial assessment + remediation’ maximize your investment and allow you to continue providing accessible information equally to all members of your audience.

Industries we illuminate


Improve conversion rates, minimize cart abandonment, and improve SEO.


Secure donations and promote a digital experience that mirrors your organization’s inclusivity.

Hospitality & Travel

Remove barriers for booking, event planning, and decision-influencing content like Food & Drink Menus.


Bring your website and documents up to code with Section 508. Define a realistic plan for doing so.


Ensure all students, parents, and teachers can submit forms, conduct eLearning activities, work with integrated platforms, and manage their educational needs. Avoid an Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaint.

Financial Services

Attract loyal bank customers by serving the 71% that bank online and the 43% who prefer mobile. Don’t leave your website out of your compliance checks.


Make treatment less stressful for patients by offering accessible health records, appointment management, and directions to your location. Offer compliant medical device software.


Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering compliant products, applications, and management software. Share your VPAT so buyers know you’re a vetted option.

Legal Services

Build confidence in potential customers by offering plain-language descriptions of your services and expertise.

Real Estate

Take the opportunity to make the websites & apps that showcase your properties as accessible as the properties themselves, and expand your market in the process.


Global brands have a unique opportunity to provide equal access to websites, digital media content, and online merchandise, including event tickets. Reduce risk and extend your brand’s reach.

Speak With A Genuine Expert

If you are interested in meeting our team, learning more about developing a roadmap to compliance, or simply need help understanding how compliance affects your business, please fill out the contact form.

We’re Here To Help

  • Discuss your options and develop a roadmap.

  • Define a solution that is integrated into your environment and supported by your team.

  • Help clarify common misconceptions surrounding compliance and educate your team so they are able to create accessible content and products.

  • Reinforce that this doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

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