About ilumino

We are driven by a desire to help others create an inclusive world through digital accessibility.

A Fresh Approach to Digital Inclusion


ilumino was created from a unique dream shared by founders whose vision is driven by the best interests of the client.

While exploring the state of digital accessibility an undeniable reality came to light: a lack of clear guidance in achieving digital inclusivity has posed extensive challenges to businesses. Further, many ventures have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances after unknowingly and unintentionally purchasing superficial solutions or following misguided advice.

These harsh realizations left us to wonder: why isn’t there a company focused on helping these struggling businesses? Why is education so lacking in this space, and when present, so confusing? Why do so few solutions support the best interests of the client? Why are companies allowing people to purchase services that won’t move the needle in terms of risk management or ensuring inclusivity for their customers?

ilumino was founded to light the path to digital accessibility compliance with an honest, educational, and genuine approach.

Why Choose ilumino?


Unique Approach

Our uniquely educational, transparent and structured approach supports business owners, development shops, and any organization interested in learning how to navigate the current landscape and soar beyond their digital accessibility compliance goals.


Our responsibility to you is to provide complete solutions that deliver the education, expertise and tools that you need to succeed. Your responsibility to your customers is to provide an inclusive brand experience that offers truly equal experiences and access to the digital information you provide.


Together, with shared learning, we will elevate your online presence to a level of conformance that meets the needs of today’s modern consumer while meeting regulatory expectations.
happy child with one arm holding a doll with one arm, too

ilumino Partners with “A Doll Like Me” Charity

ilumino has partnered with the A Doll Like Me charity to help spread the global mission to change the narrative of how we see each other and to help promote an inclusive world in every respect.

Our Promise to Our Clients

Always perform both automated and manual testing
Always help the client understand the process
Always provide long-term solutions
Never forget about the user experience
Never rely solely on third party technologies for conformance
Never use overlays or off-the-shelf solutions

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