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Hands Off

Code-Level Remediation

Websites, Applications, Documents, and Platforms

Our code-level remediation services are designed and delivered with a bow by accessibility specialists…who are also senior web developers. We’ve proven from years of experience that it’s easier, and in most cases the same level of investment, to let an experienced team conduct your accessibility testing and code remediation. Have a coveted process, team or development cycle? No problem. We’ll work with you to understand your workflows, mirror your deployment schedule, and even establish a joint ticketing process if necessary to make achieving accessibility compliance a streamlined process.


Accessibility Compliance Audits

Strategic Automated and Manual Testing With Remediated Code Snippets

We know how frustrating it can be to receive a list of errors with no direction on how to resolve them or indication as to where they’re occurring in your site. Or, the madness of being sent login information to an automated tool with no indication of which errors are false positives or lacking a report of items that need to be manually reviewed. ilumino’s secret sauce (bragging rights!) is providing clarity and direction in our test results and reporting documents for teams that require the ability to conduct their own remediation.

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Software Testing & VPAT Preparation

Be Prepared to Demonstrate Conformance with Proper Documentation

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) document demonstrates how well your products, software, hardware, digital content, and support documentation (i.e. user manuals) meet accessibility standards.

VPATs are frequently used by businesses that sell to federal agencies as well as by government buyers who are required to assess technology for its level of accessibility when evaluating proposals from different vendors. Remain competitive throughout the RFP process and feel confident knowing that you’ve taken the necessary steps to demonstrate your product’s level of conformance.

Making The Most Of Your Investment

Digital Accessibility Compliance Support

Programs for Web, Mobile, Application, and Software Support

You’ve spent a lot of time and resources getting your digital assets up to code. Let us be your companion for regular check-ins and ongoing automated and manual maintenance of your digital assets so that you can confidently continue to promote your inclusivity. We make maintenance simple and manageable with our unique approach that incorporates monthly updates to your conformance documentation, and more.

In Person Or Virtual

Custom or Tailored Accessibility Training

Need to Coordinate and Maintain a Team Managing Your Digital Assets? Have a Product or Application So Large it Needs a Kick-Start to Your Accessibility Journey?

A proven way to light the path to your accessibility journey when the task at hand seems daunting is to engage in an educational, effective, results-driven “training” (aka hands-on, homework-style engagement with pre- and post- discovery activities and deliverables). What better way to start your accessibility journey than to have an immersive and educational training session prior to conducting a formal audit and/ or remediation process?

Talk to us about how ilumino’s accessibility training is perfect for getting team members on board with an accessibility-first mentality, inventorying your digital assets and policies, and identifying how to incorporate a new accessibility methodology into your existing workflows. All delivered with tangible, hands-on guidance. 

Providing Best-In-Class Technical Advice At Your Event

Accessibility Education, Training & Presentations

Real-Life, Hands-On Guidance Curated for Your Members & Industry

Selecting speakers that provide optimal, real-life, usable, and hands-on value to your attendees can be a gamble, especially when considering Digital Accessibility. We know that there is a lot of pressure to engage a speaker for your event that “solves the world’s problems” for your members’ burning questions on digital accessibility compliance. We work with you to tailor our curriculum for optimal-effectiveness in addressing your unique needs while curating a no-nonsense session that provides clarity, not ambiguity.

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