ADA Accessibility:
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Reduce Your Risk with Code Remediation.

Serving Private Sector & Government Clients.

Our team of experts will save you time and money by providing expert guidance on your journey to accessibility. We have international experience working with multi-national teams in both the government and private sectors. We strive to understand and address the unique requirements of your project or organization. Hiring a certified accessibility specialist who is also a developer to complete your remediation is more efficient, less disruptive to your work environment, and less expensive.

Avoid paying twice to have your developer code something, then re-code it to be compliant. Our accessibility experts are also developers; giving ilumino the ability to plug into your production workflow and complete the remediation work on your behalf.

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“Off-the-shelf tools can be misleading and superficial. Your tools combined with your expertise saved us hours of chasing non-issues and re-writing code when there was a faster, simpler way of doing it.”  – Information Builders International

ADA Compliance is Closer than You Think.

  • No need to hire a full-time internal resource.
  • ilumino acts as a remote extension of your internal product development team.
  • We provide consulting, policy planning, and road-map creation.
  • Fixing your website’s code is the only fool-proof way to minimize risk.

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