Drive Business Growth with Web Accessibility and Compliance

Crownpeak + ilumino: A Joint Solution for Full-Coverage, Scalable Digital Accessibility

The global expansion to ensure digital access for all with the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and now The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is a gateway for new business opportunities and more.

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn:

  • What does the digital accessibility landscape look like globally?
  • What are some best practices a company needs to employ to roll out a high-impact digitally accessible experience?
  • What are three key benefits companies can realize from EAA, WCAG, and ADA?
  • How does compliance with legislation like EAA, WCAG, and ADA drive new revenue opportunities?


Kathryn Putt, Product Manager, DQM, Crownpeak 

Kathryn Putt

As a Solutions Engineer for Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management product, Kathryn works directly with the sales and customer success teams. Kathryn helps organizations create best-practice governance processes utilizing the DQM tool. In addition, Kathryn has created and runs the DQM enablement program at Crownpeak. Connect with Kathryn on LinkedIn.

Jenna Reardon, Co-Founder, SVP of Customer Solutions, ilumino

Jenna Reardon

Jenna Reardon is co-founder and SVP of Customer Solutions at ilumino where she leverages her passion for inclusive design to help organizations optimize their approach to digital accessibility. Jenna has helped organizations across a variety of industries build cultures of inclusivity and successfully include the end user in their brand experience. Connect with Jenna on LinkedIn.

Chris Sigala, General Manager, Digital Governance, Crownpeak

Chris Sigala

As the General Manager of Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management business, Chris drives the overall strategy and execution of the product business. In addition, as the Chief of Staff and member of Crownpeak’s Executive Leadership team, Chris is responsible for managing strategic initiatives, business operations, and investor relations. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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