ADA Accessibility:
The Right Way.

Warning: If you are considering purchasing an accessibility overlay or site plugin you should know it could make usability WORSE and increase your vulnerability to a lawsuit.

A Proactive Approach to Digital Accessibility.

Have you purchased an accessibility dashboard, overlay, or tool and are now facing a lawsuit, or several lawsuits? Or, maybe you are fortunate enough to not have a lawsuit or complaint yet?

Whatever your current situation, manual testing with a certified specialist can improve your ADA compliance position and reduce your legal risk.

Quick solutions like overlays can actually make the user experience worse for disabled users on your site as they interfere with the user’s own assistive technology settings.

Buying an inexpensive dashboard can increase your risk for a lawsuit since many only provide automated testing and miss things that actual users encounter.

At ilumino, our team of certified accessibility experts are also developers. We give you the find & replace remediated source code to make your job incredibly easy so you can get back to other priorities. Our team of experts will save you time and money by providing expert guidance on your journey to accessibility. We have international experience working with multi-national teams in both the government and private sectors. We strive to understand and address the requirements of your unique project to ensure that your product is both compliant and usable.

Do you have questions or concerns about your site and want to know where you really stand? Call (833) 832-6695.

“The ilumino team totally revolutionized the way we look at accessibility. What once was scary and overwhelming now feels manageable and natural.”  – Dylan Steven of 118 Group

Your Trusted Accessibility Solution.

  • No need to hire a full-time internal resource.
  • ilumino acts as a remote extension of your internal product development team.
  • Ensure that your component libraries and features are compliant.
  • Government buyers require a VPAT and an increasing number of private businesses are requiring the same. Let us guide you through this process.
  • All of our services partner you with a senior, certified SME for consulting to ensure your investment is holistic and will serve you long-term, not a ‘one and done’ project approach.
  • Don’t overpay for an overlay or dashboard only to end up in court. Is your compliance provider telling you the truth?

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